6 Ways to Support Keep A Breast While Traveling this Summer


Well, we blinked and now the end of summer is rapidly approaching. If you’re looking at your calendar (and bank account) wondering if and when you’ll finally have that relaxing summer vacay you so deserve, Keep A Breast has just what you need to put your mind to ease!   Grab your favorite shades and a good book because a summer adventure just shifted from ‘possibly’ to ‘Piña Colada’ thanks to our partner The Traveler Site! Book with The Traveler Site and receive better-than-web pricing and rewards on global travel while supporting KAB! As a member of the KAB community, you can access rates up to 35% off retail AND The Traveler Site will kick back 50% of their commission to KAB on your completed travel! Enter code: “KEEPABREAST”

With that in mind...the only real dilemma now is deciding where you’re headed. Do you dream of cabanas, sandy feet, and showing off your super cute TaTa Top?  Are you all about touring art museums and the finest dining? Maybe you’re like me and you love to vacation by seeing beauty in its most natural way by hiking through National Parks.























Last month my friends and I packed up a rental car and hit the road. Eight days, six hikes, four states, one incredible adventure!  We began in Los Angeles, California where we sped through the desert to arrive at our first destination: Sedona, Arizona. The seven hours in the car might have gotten a bit dull, but luckily we had Valiant’s  super-heroine, Faith, to keep us entertained. KAB and Valiant recently teamed up to promote breast health and cancer prevention across all facets of comics, fandom, and culture. Check this out, it is so rad!

After an evening in Flagstaff, we made our way to the Grand Canyon, which was incredible. We spent quite a bit of time exploring different vantage points, meeting new people, and doing our best to beat the heat and stay safe. We were all super relieved to have a ready supply of Green Goo products in our bags...Solar Goo came in handy so many times throughout the trip!


















From the Grand Canyon, we made our way to Antelope Canyon, where we explored Slot Canyons located on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona. Wandering through the Canyon was a magical experience. Light poured through the canyon openings which created stunning colors and shadow, and our tour guide provided great insight on the history of the Canyon.

The highlights of the trip occurred during the three days we spent in Zion National Park. Despite the heat, we were able to conquer some really tough day hikes, and the views were more than rewarding! Our favorite hike was the Narrows Slot Canyon, which was an eight-mile trek through the Virgin River. The canyon was narrow and the water was cold but it was an amazing experience! Having my Kass SlowTide towel to dry off after a long day of fighting the current made the experience even more enjoyable.























After six days of painfully early alarms, gallons of sunscreen, and copious amounts of  GoMacro Bars, what better to culminate an awesome week than by spending some time in Las Vegas! With good friends and great adventures, it was a week that will be reminisced forever.  The trip was an absolute success, and was very affordable thanks to the deals we received on the rental car and hotels...and we were stoked that we had helped KAB along the way.

You work hard, so you definitely deserve to reward yourself. If your summer schedule is already jam-packed, an autumn getaway is just as lovely… The Traveler Site offers great deals while supporting Keep A Breast any time of year!

One more thing before you start planning….no matter where you go this summer it is crucial you shield yourself from the sun. Green Goo wants to make sure you protect yourself as well as possible! Stay informed on the newest products and tips from Green Goo by following their Instagram!

1 winner will be selected and receive the Skincare Travel Set, which included Solar Goo, Repair, Face wash, and a lip balm! PLUS! With every follow, Green Goo will donate $1 to KAB!

So go ahead, you do-gooder! Have a fantastic rest of your summer!

Find Camille Mahlknecht in a gym, on an abandoned trail in the mountains, or in a local coffee shop. A CSUN Alum, Camille enjoys utilizing her Marketing degree to make the world a better place in as many creative ways as possible. She splits her time between Los Angeles and Europe, where she plays professional basketball.