October 2019 Toolkit!

Please share these breast health graphics and Keep A Breast info with your audience this October!


About Keep A Breast

The Keep A Breast Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit breast cancer organization with a mission to empower young people all over the world with breast health education and support. 

Our Check Yourself! App

Early detection is the key and knowing what is “normal” for your body is an integral part of that. We developed the Check Yourself! App to do just that: help young women all over the world to develop a healthy life-long relationship with their bodies. By checking yourself once a month, you are able to detect abnormalities at the first sign of change. 

The app has a step-by-step guide using animated gifs, a scheduling tool that allows you to set-up an automatic monthly reminder, breast health information, in-app sharing tools, and more. It is FREE, available in 6 languages (Italian coming this October and more to come!), and has been downloaded by over 67,000 people in 170+ countries.

Where you come in

Share our educational graphics with your audience and tell them a bit about KAB, breast health & our app!

All the fact graphics!

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We’ve got Stories, too!

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Suggested Copy

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Self-check & app focused copy (i.e. 1-11)

  • Knowing your “normal” could save your life! Download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app for step-by-step instructions and to set up a monthly reminder to self-check!

  • Breast cancer under 40 is a reality. Download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app today!

  • Early detection is the key! Download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app to learn how to do your self-check!

  • When you educate yourself, you empower yourself! Download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app today and start your monthly breast self-check.

  • The @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app is the ultimate breast self-check tool! Learn to do your self-check & schedule a monthly reminder!

  • Learn to do a breast self-check and schedule a monthly reminder with the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app!

  • Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month? What better way to commemorate this time than to download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! App and learn to check your boobies? Early detection is the key.

  • Checking yourself is loving yourself. Download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app to support you with your #selfcheck! ⁣⁠

  • Learn what’s “normal” for your body and be your own health advocate! Download the @Keepabreast Check Yourself! app today!

For graphics that are less self-check related! (i.e. 12-20)

  • @Fit4prevention is a @keepabreast campaign dedicated to sharing the message of #prevention through #fitness and #wellness.

  • That’s right, just 30 minutes a day can make such a difference! Get @Fit4Prevention with @Keepabreast this October!

  • We’re partnering with @Keepabreast this #BreastCancerPrevention month! KAB’s mission is to empower young people all over the world with breast health education and support. 

  • #CheckYourLabels! Environmental factors contribute to approximately 90% of breast cancer diagnoses. This includes the products we use on our bodies. The cosmetics industry is very loosely regulated, and the ingredients they use are often #toxic.

  • Approximately 90% of beast cancer cases occur in women with NO family history! That means they’re caused by environmental and lifestyle factors like lack of exercise, the food you eat, products you use, etc.

Don’t forget the hashtags

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#keepabreast #kab #checkyourself

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  • #breasthealth #breastcancerprevention #breastcancerpreventionmonth #selflove #prevention #earlydetection #selfcheck #breastcancer

  • #fitness #wellness #fit4prevention #f4p #fit4

  • #nontoxicrevolution #ntr #plasticsucks #nontoxic #toxic #nontoxicliving #lowwaste #plasticfree

Include a destination

  • link in @keepabreast bio

  • learn more at keep-a-breast.org

Or link us in your bio (& swipe up!)

  • Check Yourself! app: bit.ly/CHKYRSLF

  • KAB site: keep-a-breast.org

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