We are a group of passionate creatives, activists, artists, health freaks and nerds. We believe in the truth and always coming from a place of love. We are out to change the world one young person at a time. Prevention is the cure!


Meet the Keep A Breast Team


Shaney jo Darden - Founder, Global CCO, Board Member

After a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, designer and artist Shaney jo Darden founded the global non-profit organization The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) to raise awareness of breast cancer and to encourage prevention and early detection among young people. Now, as KAB celebrates its 19th anniversary, Shaney jo is a leading voice and philanthropy expert in the cultural conversation about breast cancer. Over the years she has received many awards for her innovative fusion of advocacy and art. Shaney jo is a certified yoga teacher and breathwork enthusiast. Shaney jo is usually accompanied by her 120 lb rescue dog Bear Cupcake.


Lorene Carpentier - Global CEO, Board Member

Lorène Carpentier is a global nonprofit consultant and impact producer working at the intersection of strategy, global development and media impact for the past decade. French native, she has traveled the world as a nurse, photographer and videographer, focused on causes related to social justice like modern slavery in Haiti and Mauritania. In 2006, she befriended beloved surf icon and breast cancer survivor Robin Zeuf Hesson in California. Inspired, the following year, Lorène became involved with The Keep A Breast Foundation and worked diligently to develop the organization in Europe. Lorène was named Global CEO of the non-profit in January 2014 and remains committed to educating youth about breast cancer, prevention, and early detection globally while also directing or producing documentary.


Ronda Mueller - Executive Director

Ronda comes to the KAB team with 20 years of experience in both for-profit and non-profit business.  She co-founded and ran a 501c3 arts organization in her hometown of Joshua Tree, CA that supports artists in business and provides arts programs for schools in the community.  She also founded an international art design and distribution company that has allowed extensive travel to Asia where she has been able to weave her passions for the arts, travel, global health, women’s empowerment, with sustainable practices in business.  She has served in women's clinics in disaster zones of the Philippines and developed women's business and education programs in China.  In her spare time, she loves to be with her son and husband, volunteering, hiking, snorkeling, cooking, or working on her off-grid home that she and her family built in the boulders of the high desert. 


Bree Flory - Check Yourself Program Manager

Bree is a vegan, intersectional feminist who is particularly invested in public health and sustainability. She has a degree in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from CSULB, where she spent her time turning her passions into academic activism; she now carries out the same work as a content creator and educational program manager. When she’s not busy spreading awareness on living a non-toxic lifestyle, she is most likely chugging coffee, talking to her plants, cooking with arguably too much garlic, or crying about dogs.


Kelly Walsh - Strategic Partnerships Manager

Kelly is an adventure going, wizard loving, hiking enthusiast who almost always has a receptacle of tea in hand. She has a particular interest in healing and wellness through diet and lifestyle. If she’s not on a road trip or wandering through the wilderness, she is likely at a metal show or jumping on her bed listening to Black Sabbath.


Our Board


Pierre Camoin - Board of Directors President

We are honored to announce the new Chairman of our Board of Directors, Pierre Camoin. Pierre has been in  the Keep A Breast family for years, and we could not think of a better fit for our new president. With decades of experience in marketing, the surfing and outdoor world, and a deep passion for educating on healthy living and early detection, Pierre wonderfully aligns with KAB’s core values.

“Big thanks to our current board member for their support and our past two presidents who have taught me so much. Much love to the team, staff, volunteers, co-founders Shaney Jo Darden and Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig, and our CEO, Lorene Carpentier. Now it’s time to double-down and educate even more youth about breast cancer, the crucial Check Yourself! Program, and Non Toxic Revolution.” - Pierre Camoin


Celsie Solon - Board of Directors Treasurer

We are honored to announce the new Treasurer of our Board of Directors. She comes to us with 20 years experience in financial services, excited to bring growth and awareness to KAB, and breast health to her own community, in the coming years.

“What a big honor to be part of KAB Foundation! Congratulations to our new president Pierre, I look forward to working with our amazing board and founder, Shaney jo Darden. I'm excited for big things to happen in 2018, let's spread the word of the Check Yourself! App and the Non Toxic Revolution, and call for everyone to be their own health advocate.” - Celsie Solon


Mona Mukherjea-Gehrig – Founder & Board of Directors Member

After relocating to California in 1994, Berlin native Mukherjea-Gehrig co-founded the global non-profit The Keep A Breast Foundation and the art organization Modart. She has spent the last 15 years creating and designing concepts which have resulted in internationally recognized artistic experiences and high-quality event productions. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, Mona has embraced her new journey in life as a survivor; a mother of two and active in her community, she has recently completed a degree in Interior Design and both initiated and directed the first German Film Festival in San Diego.


Keva Dine – Board of Directors Member 

Keva Dine is one of the nation’s top creative recruiters in part because she is a creative herself. She’s been tasked with tracking down a VP Global Brand/Creative for DC Shoes; an Account Coordinator to work on Apple’s account for the tech giant’s agency of record; a senior photo/art director for Target’s Midwestern advertising; and a Trend Hunter/Brand Strategist for a globally recognized, New York-based think tank, among many others.The San Diego native founded The Keva Dine Agency, inc. in 2001 and made her first placement three weeks later with RipCurl. She’s since built a sterling reputation as a creative connector.

A fan and supporter since inception, Keva made her involvement official and joined the Keep A Breast Board of Directors in October of 2016.



Fred van Schie - Board of Directors Member

Fred van Schie was born and raised in The Netherlands. He picked up a skateboard at the age of 16 that led to running an indoor skatepark at the age of 19, and becoming a sales rep for skateboard products at the age of 22.
He moved to Southern California in late 2007 with a backpack, a skateboard, and a dream. Eventually that led to a job as marketing manager for Emerica and Altamont Apparel in June 2010, two brands he worked for before as a sales rep in The Netherlands.

In early 2012 he started FvS media , a social media education agency. Since then he has helped many action sports brands, athletes, events, and retailers, as well a music acts, organize, understand, and better execute their social media efforts.

Fred met Keep A Breast founder Shaney Jo in late 2011 and has helped from the sidelines since then. He joined the board of directors in March 2019.

Dr. Joel M. Evans, M.D. — Medical Director

Joel M. Evans, M.D., a board-certified OB/GYN and international lecturer, is the Director of The Center for Functional Medicine in Stamford, CT. He also serves as the Director of Curriculum Development of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and the Medical Director of KBMO Diagnostics, which specializes in identifying foods that cause inflammation. He is also the Chief Medical Officer for HealthPointe Solutions, which specializes in the use of Artificial Intelligence in medicine.

Dr. Evans was honored to speak at the United Nations on the topic of Prenatal Origins of Violence, and he serves as UN Representative and Chief Medical Advisor for OMAEP – World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations. His book on the holistic approach to pregnancy, The Whole Pregnancy Handbook, has received widespread critical acclaim and media attention. In addition, he is a member of the senior faculty of two of the most recognized and prestigious teaching institutions in integrative medicine: The Institute for Functional Medicine and the Center for Mind/Body Medicine. He continues to serve as the “external lead” of the IFM Advanced Practice Module in Hormone Health since its inception in 2011. Dr. Evans is a Founding Diplomate of the American Board of Holistic Medicine and is recognized as the first physician in Connecticut to be Board Certified in both Integrative Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology.

He has a special interest in Breast Cancer, and as the Medical Director of the Keep A Breast Foundation, brings the latest information on cancer risk assessment and prevention to his patients. Dr. Evans serves as a peer reviewer for the journals Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Global Advances in Health and Medicine and is a member of the editorial advisory board of Holistic Primary Care. He is a former Director of two nationally known organizations focused on pregnancy, Childbirth Connection and the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

Dr. Evans also helped create a clinical study at Columbia University Medical Center on the use of the herb black cohosh in breast cancer, which was presented at the 2001 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncologists and later published in their journal. In 2017 he authored a chapter on Nutrition and Sociogenomics. Having pursued studies in spirituality, metaphysics, and personal transformation for many years, Dr. Evans has recently created a core curriculum designed to share ancient spiritual wisdom with others to help bring health and happiness into their lives.