At Keep A Breast, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our partnerships are truly authentic. We seek to align ourselves with people and brands who share our core values, who do not use carcinogens or toxins in their products and do not test on animals.

We do all we can to educate and empower young women about their lifetime breast cancer risk and teach them tools for cancer prevention. While many other orgs and companies create banners and pink ribbon labels to promote awareness, we focus on prevention. That’s why we say breast cancer prevention month, not “awareness month”.

We strive for complete transparency with our partnerships, and we do not participate in Pinkwashing. Learn more about pinkwashing and our partnerships here.

The following organizations have proven they are committed to KAB’s mission. They have partnered with us on many levels, including, granting funds, product collaborations, professional services, technical assistance, consumer outreach, hosting events, and advertising.



Building a community of strong supportive women is at the heart of what True&Co. does. Being able to partner with like-minded companies such as Keep A Breast Foundation is what keeps us energized.
— Michelle Lam, Founder, True & Co



$100K +


Touchstone | Keep A Breast
Touchstone Climbing is inspired by the creativity and passion of The Keep A Breast Foundation. We are proud to collaborate with an organization that not only raises breast cancer awareness but also empowers young people affected by breast cancer to find healing and strength through artistic expression
— Touchstone Climbing Gym

$50K +




True Ames is over the moon about partnering with Keep A Breast in order to support them in their cause of sharing breast cancer education and preventative awareness. We are humbled and proud to be able to be a catalyst within the surf industry in order to get the conversation started and share the mission of KAB within our community. We are grateful for this opportunity to champion a cause so noble, and also be able to help spread the awareness needed to combat a disease that has affected so many of us. Thanks, KAB for all you do!
— True Ames

$10K +