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We asked Jacquelyne a few questions, to get a better idea about how she works. 

Q: How do you work “intuitively” with your clients? What does that look like?

A: I use muscle testing, and read energy. A typical session includes both. I trace issues to their cause by finding the energy pattern, life lesson, emotions, age, and people involved in my client making a decision that created limiting beliefs about their life and their potential.Targeting this information supports them to identify an event, and we go from there.

Q: Why is it important to “target” the event in their lives that lead to limiting beliefs? Is it necessary?

A: In the method I practice, yes. I find that this technique brings about the most empowerment and self-responsibility for my clients. By identifying an event, we can process the emotions, stress, and trauma associated with it in a conscious way, and give the client tools to address similar situations in the future. I do this because I believe healing can be a permanent correction. By giving my clients the opportunity to see the role they play in their health and happiness, it allows them to grow and evolve as we work together, and not become dependant on me for a quick fix. In other words, they do the work, and I facilitate and guide the process.

Q: How long have you been practicing and teaching? And, why don’t you have an office?

A: I started seeing clients professionally in 2011, teaching in 2013, and training in 2015. Since then, I’ve worked both full and part time doing my healing work, on and off while I was healing myself from an autoimmune issue. I love to travel, and have enjoyed teaching on the road, as well as having offices in many locations on an as needed basis. I also see clients in their home on occasion, and work online, so a permanent office has not been ideal.

Q: What is something your clients or students may not know about you?

A: I used attend anger management counseling in college. LOL, Hard to believe I ever needed that when you meet me now! It was from a traumatic brain injury I had in high school, and part of the side effects of short term rehabilitation.

Q: What is one of the most incredible cases you ever worked on a client with?

A: It was one of my first major cases. I lived in West Hollywood and got a referral to see a college football player at UCLA. He had fungal sinitus. I remember I showed up to the hospital in my grandma’s white suit, and was confident I could help, despite my young experience.He had already received 6 failed surgeries to remove the fungus from his brain, and his eyes were crossed from the infection reaching them when I arrived. Of the 13 cases of people with this illness documented, 12 had died. We worked together for a few weeks in person, and I followed up a few months later to be sure he was sticking to the program. Within 6 months he was back playing football, and it was all over the news. We were interviewed by Animal Planet, The Monsters Within, an online series. Although, they didn’t use my interview since the reason I gave for the recovery was so spiritually based.

Q: How has your work helped those with Breast Cancer, and what inspired you to start working with Keep A Breast?

A: When I met Shaney jo I fell in love with her passion to create the Keep a Breast Foundation, and all the loving creativity she put into supporting women with breast cancer. Our vision is similar, both of us wanting to empower and bring light to the heavy and overwhelming issues affecting women. When my grandmother passed, having gone completely Western in her approach to treating breast cancer, I was inspired to focus on addressing specific issues, such as breast cancer, and other emotionally weighted women's health topics. I knew my grandmother to be very guarded emotionally, and having had a lot of resentment towards my grandfather. So, I decided to focus on addressing the emotional aspects of breast cancer, knowing contributing factor in life expectancy and recovery. Breast cancer became my main focus, and I began organizing workshops specific to tracing breast cancer to it's cause, allowing women to feel empowered by understanding how they could heal any subconscious stress or trauma that may be preventing them from healing fully. This led to working with several women privately who were using integrative and alternative health to heal breast cancer. The results have been fantastic! I am so excited to continue sharing such a powerful technique to de-stress and re-program beliefs that have kept our society sick and in survival mode when it comes to health and what is possible.

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Jacquelyne is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Life Coach using the Kalos method, working online and in person with clients all over the world. She is a Kalos teacher and trainer, gives one-on-one sessions, and shares her experience as an author of a blog and e-books. Jacquelyne’s specialty is working with mental/emotional issues that precipitate dis-ease, such as chronic illness, chronic pain, depression/anxiety, and PTSD. Her main interest is in the connection between personal/spiritual growth and physical healing. She works intuitively with each individual to address their specific needs and create a healing program that inspires and empowers them to heal and thrive.