Pushing for Pink is Hitting the Streets of San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles for Breast Cancer Prevention!


Pushing for Pink is an annual skateboarding DIY event that started in San Francisco in 2014 and has raised over $15,000 for Keep A Breast! “Over the past 2 years we’ve teamed up with DLX Dist. and The Keep A Breast Foundation to host a 3.5 mile skate through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, as well as offering pink skateboard product to all attendees at a discounted price in exchange for donations.”

One of those products is the Pushing for Pink pin featuring the “skating figure logo [that] represents individuals who have family and friends fighting breast cancer and continue to push forward.” They’ve joined up with companies Spitfire Wheels, HUF, Rastaclat and Crap Eyewear, covering all your skate and style needs.

This year is bigger, better, badder.

Pushing for Pink is going national! There will be not one but three events taking place throughout the month of October in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York!

“Our goal is to push towards a brighter future by spreading awareness through this challenging information age."

Check out this year’s promo and learn more at pushingforpink.com and @pushing4pink!

We are so stoked and honored to have such a rad event helping our mission to empower young people around the world with breast health education and support. A HUGE thanks to Pushing for Pink and the skating community for everything you do to spread breast cancer prevention education.

Want to host your own DIY Action event and raise funds for Keep A Breast? You can! There are so many awesome people that create unique fundraisers to support the cause and have a blast doing it. We want you to join in on the fun!