4 Reasons to Check Yourself with our Check Yourself! App!


We wanted to create something to support women all over their world and assist in their access to healthcare, literally putting lifesaving information in the palm of their hand: give them a step-by-step guide, tips, information, and automatic scheduling in order to make it as simple and accessible as possible. That way, people would be most likely to really carry out a self-check routine. If you didn't already know (which of course you do 😉) KAB truly believes in the power of checking yourself and being your own health advocate. Here's a little refresher on why the self-check is so important!

We believe that through a monthly routine of self-checks more people are likely to detect changes in their bodies quickly, will seek medical advice and potentially detect cancer early. Knowledge is Power!

Know Your “Normal”!

As you probably know, we at Keep A Breast are all about the self-check! By checking yourself at the same time, once a month, you establish a healthy routine and relationship with your body.

The best time to Check Yourself! is about a week after your period, as this is when your hormone levels are most stable. It is important to check yourself at this same time so that you're familiar with how you should feel at this time, and thus can easily detect any changes or abnormalities! Knowing what is “normal” for your body could potentially save your life!

It’s a Healthy Practice!

Healthy practices are so important to incorporate into your daily life. Whether it be using a BB cream with SPF, drinking lots of water, exercising regularly, or checking yourself, incorporating practices like this assist you in living the healthiest life you can. By adopting healthy practices, you take charge of your health and give yourself the power to be your own health advocate!

You are never "too young" for breast cancer

Over 300,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the US each year. Approximately 12,000 of those diagnosed are under the age of 40.

Love your boobies!

We want you to love yourself and your body. While we know checking yourself may be difficult for those who struggle with body image or don't currently have a positive relationships with their bodies, it is our hope that routinely checking yourself will help you to develop a life-long positive relationship with your breasts, and help you to love them just as they are! Your boobs are perfect because they are YOUR boobs! 

What’s New About the App

New Artwork

The app features super cute artwork by the oh so talented, Sandi Calistro!

Animated gifs

That's right! The app now incorporates animated gifs, making the step-by-step instructions more detailed and informative than ever!  

Updated scheduling tools

You can expect a more efficient and reliable scheduling system. Never miss a self-check again!

More languages

We are so excited that our app is now available in seven languages! We have added German, Dutch, and European Spanish to the already expansive list of languages, making it more globally accessible. It is also available in Spanish, French, Japanese and English.  

More to come...

We can't wait to show you what's next in the works for the Check Yourself! app! From languages to functions, we are always working on ways to make it the ultimate self-check tool! Stay tuned!


Download the Check Yourself! App today and get to your “normal”! Early detection is the key.