Early detection is the key and knowing what is “normal” for your body is an integral part of that. We developed our Check Yourself! App to do just that: help young women all over the world to develop a healthy life-long relationship with their bodies. By checking yourself once a month, you are able to detect abnormalities at the first sign of change.

We wanted to create something to support women all over their world and assist in their access to healthcare, literally putting lifesaving information in the palm of their hand: give them a step-by-step guide, tips, information, and automatic scheduling in order to make it as simple and accessible as possible. That way, people would be most likely to really carry out a self-check routine.


  • Step-by-step self-check instructions including animated gifs (artwork by Sandi Calisto)

  • Schedule an automatic monthly reminder

  • Breast health information

  • In-app sharing tools

  • Available in 6 languages (more to come!)


We understand, the idea of a self-check can be scary. During your monthly self-check, you are never “looking for cancer” but rather getting to know your body - which is a crucial component of your mental and physical health.

We always tell people to start their self-check from a place of love. Look in the mirror. Your body is beautiful and your breasts are perfect just the way they are. All boobs are perfect - seriously.


  • Check Yourself! at the same time every month. That way, since you know how your boobies are supposed to feel during that time, you can more easily detect if something has changed.

  • The best time to do your self-check is about a week after your period ends. At this time, your hormones have leveled out and your boobies are at their most normal state. (Mayo Clinic)

  • Breast lumps are not the only physical sign of breast cancer. Symptoms may include breast swelling, dimpling, redness, scaliness, or a lump in the armpit area. (American Cancer Society)