Your August Health Horoscope


Here at Keep A Breast, we believe that everything is connected and that our overall health and wellness is influenced by everything around us. We had the idea of creating personalized guides based on the zodiac (with a focus on health, of course). We've teamed up with the fantastic intuitive tarot reader, Reiki healer, and dream interpreter, Christine Aprile (of House of Intuition TV) to bring you monthly wellness-centered horoscopes. Header artwork by Torrey Jay, horoscope illustrations by CT Design

August 2019 Horoscopes

Last month was challenging thanks to two eclipses and a particularly tricky Mercury retrograde, but fiery Leo season will offer up many opportunities to reconnect with our joy and passion. On August 1st, the New Moon in Leo creates the perfect atmosphere to start a project that shows just how bright you can shine. Romance and flirtation will be highlighted thanks to the energy of Venus in Leo, making for the first few weeks of the month the perfect time to meet a possible new love interest. The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15th might bring in some surprising news, so be careful what you wish for. Mars, Venus and the Sun will enter Virgo towards the end of the month, so use the last two weeks of August to get serious about fine tuning the details of your day to day routines.



This month will highlight love for Aries, so get out of the house and get your groove on! The dance floor is a healthy way to connect with others, increasing your physical and emotional flexibility. Dancing is also amazing for muscle tone and even helps prevent osteoporosis by increasing bone density.



August will give you the green light to unwind, dear Taurus, so plan a party or just relax poolside. You’ve earned some leisure time, afterall! A good swim in the pool, lake or ocean can also help improve your cardiovascular health, making it the perfect summer workout.



What makes you sparkle, dear Gemini? Surround yourself with joyful people, places and celebrations this month and feel free to dress for the occasion. If you want to increase your shimmer, try adding some biodegradable glitter to your make-up routine. Made from plants instead of plastic, your sparkle won’t harm the environment once you wash it away.



Mindset will be crucial this month for Cancerians, so practice mindfulness to take full advantage of the energy of August. This is also a time to schedule your yearly check-up, pap smear and breast exam. Of course, you should be checking your breasts monthly, as well.



Happy birthday, dear Leo! This is the perfect month to kickstart new intentions and give yourself some much-needed pampering. With so many planets in your sign at the beginning of the month, use the new moon to meditate and give birth to new ideas. Try creating a vision board to focus your manifestations!



You’ll have the power to get to the bottom of an old and buried issue this month, Virgo. Take this as an opportunity to let go of any old emotional baggage, habits or negative self-talk. Processing emotion is beneficial for both your mental and physical health!



This month will bring bright new connections for you, dear Libra. Practice the art of listening to get the best out of these fresh relationships by incorporating more music into your daily life. Listening to music improves cognition, memory and reduces stress.



Work will be on fire this month, dear Scorpio! Give your brain some extra love and support by taking an herbal supplement such as ginkgo biloba, or through activities like yoga or breath work. The brain is directly affected by breathing patterns and rhythms, so practice deep mindful breathing to oxygenate your body and reap the mental benefits.



This month will challenge you to practice patience with your loved ones, dear Sagittarius. To help your body tame your mind, try exercising for at least 21 minutes daily. Once you’ve increased your heart rate, you’ll feel the tension begin to melt away.



August brings focus to your love life, Capricorn, so be mindful of your emotional moods to make the most of this stellar relationship energy. Are you grateful for the love you’re receiving? Be sure to communicate it. Gratitude can help improve both physical and psychological health.



The second half of August could be hectic, Aquarius, so try to plan accordingly. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, and resist the urge to placate your stress with sugar and processed foods. You’ll need the nutrients and energy to deal with the pace of life.



This will be a passionate and steamy month for you, Pisces, so take a little time to spruce up your beauty routine. Ditch your chemical and soap face wash, and try using the oil cleansing method. Even though it might seem counter intuitive, the oils in the cleanser bond to dirt and sebum, helping to wash them away while leaving your skin clean and hydrated.


DISCLAIMER: KAB Breastscopes are designed to be used purely as fun wellness tips for entertainment purposes only. We are not medical professionals, nor should KAB Breastscopes be seen as medical information or a substitute for treatment or advice from your doctor or other licensed professionals.

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Christine Aprile is an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki healer, writer and musician actively pursuing the boundaries of thought and perception. Her love of astrology and metaphysics has been the constant in her life, inspiring both her creative fire and her journey as a healer. Whether she’s leading a guided sound meditation, performing with her music project Silent Diane, or riding her bike through the city, a hint of magic is always present within Christine’s life and work.

She currently resides in a tree house in Los Angeles, where she advises spiritual adventurers and pens her horoscopes and weekly music column for | Instagram: @receptive.tarot