Self-Love Can Look a Lot Like a Truly Fitting Bra


All boobs are different, and all boobs are beautiful; this is something that we say all the time. When doing your self-check, the first step is to look in the mirror and tell yourself and your body that you are perfect, just the way that you are. This is a core value that we share with our partners, True&Co. This is our second year partnering with True&Co., and we love this partnership so much: they have raised over $60,000 for Keep A Breast in just two years!

"Building a community of strong supportive women is at the heart of what True&Co. does. Being able to partner with like-minded companies such as Keep A Breast Foundation is what keeps us energized."- Michelle Lam, Founder of True&Co.

Here at KAB, we are invested in self-love, self-care, and body positivity - these are all key components of your mental health, and in turn, your physical health. As the first bra company to have a bra fit quiz based on more than just band and cup size, True&Cois deeply invested in helping every woman find a bra that is perfect for them, and for “all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin."

True&Co. makes bras with every body in mind, from extended sizes to wireless bras, to Razorback fit, they have incredibly comfortable bras that suit everyone’s needs, even survivors. "Their passion for survivors and focus on comfort” is what draws survivors like Anna Crollman, aka My Cancer Chic, to the company.

True&Co. bras were a natural fit for our recent, Check Yourself photo shoot with photographer Lindsey Byrnes, featuring activists, Madame Gandhi, Isabel Hendrix, and Gigi Gorgeous! In this photoshoot, we highlighted women in intimate, home settings showcasing self-love, self-care and our relationships with our bodies.

Checking yourself is an intimate thing. It’s personal. Checking yourself is loving yourself. Doing a monthly breast self-check allows you to truly get to know your body and build a positive relationship with your breasts.

So, be sure to #checkyourselfie this October - bonus points if you do so in your True&Co.!

Download our app on the Apple App Store (17+) or Google Play. And don’t forget to #CHECKYOURSELFIE! It’s easy, just snap a selfie with three fingers to your chest, symbolizing your commitment to self-check, tag 3 friends to challenge them to spread the word of self-check, and of course, #CHECKYOURSELFIE!