I Love Boobies And So Does The Supreme Court: An Open Letter From Founder Shaney Jo Darden


Dear Easton Area School District, I’m sorry you lost.

I’m sorry you lost every opportunity to educate your students on breast health.

I’m sorry that your taxpayers and your insurance company wasted $107,000 so you could fight to uphold your ban on i love boobies! bracelets.

I’m sorry that this is the example you choose to set for your students.

I’m sorry that after losing not once, but three times already that you still decided to take this case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Keep A Breast has always extended an open invitation to you. We want to find a way to work together, and to create a discussion in your community. Imagine if you had directed that $107,000 towards health programs and education. Together we could have created a wonderful program to educate all the students in the state about cancer prevention. Together we could have saved lives.

I created the i love boobies! bracelets to engage young people, to get them talking about breast cancer prevention early on in their own lives. The bracelets are also a way to show support for the people in their lives that have been affected by this horrible disease. We all know breast cancer happens to the entire family, not just the person who is diagnosed. We all know that this disease can tear families apart.  We all know that even young women get breast cancer. Yes, young women get breast cancer too. Through Keep A Breast young people feel supported and can participate in the healing and education process like never before.

I want to thank your students Brianna Hawk and Kayla Martinez for wearing our i love boobies! bracelets on Breast Cancer Awareness day at Easton Area Middle School in 2010. I thank them for being the kind of young women that are brave enough to stand up for what they believe in, and not let anyone take away their rights to freedom of speech.

I want to thank them for for believing in Keep A Breast and our message. And to the  to the ACLU for taking on this case and many others across the country.

And of course a big thanks to the Supreme Court for doing the right thing and choosing not to take this case.

The open invitation still stands. Let's work together. Let's save lives together.


Shaney Jo Darden


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