17 Essential Tips To Spring Clean Your Way To A Healthier You


We change as the seasons change and when we live within these seasonal guidelines we invite PREVENTION to prevail! When we move outside the laws of nature or resist change we invite disease to settle in.

"Spring is the celebration of new beginnings and fresh perspectives. Oh the smell the blooming flowers, the bright colors surround us to remind us that medicine comes in many forms. When it is appreciated, the effect magnifies, our joy grows, and we see the world is at least in balance with beauty and its challenging beasts. Appreciating the beauty is evidently powerful, it feels good, especially when shared with friends who adore your heart. I love to celebrate the season outdoors, in the ocean, rolling in the sand, and outwardly exclaiming how in love we are with the earth and all its creations." - Leah Dawson, Pro Surfer, Film maker, KAB Ambassador

Below is a spring cleaning guide full of tips on how to take advantage of spring time. Let's start thinking about applying the idea of spring cleaning into your life's overall health and well being!


·       Wood Element: Important to keep your Liver & Gallbladder in best possible shape.

·       Green is the seasonal color. Eating green foods and looking and wearing green supports the energy of the Liver/ Gallbladder

·       Spring is the season of BEGINNING and creation. Welcome the NEW and clear your mind of the PAST.

·       Great time to fast or do a cleanse.


·       Important to eat cleansing foods, greens, fruits, veggies and herbal teas.

·       Eat more raw foods: GREENS- dandelion especially, sprouts- ( DIY project= make your own sprouts!), salads, fruits nuts, seeds

·       TIP: add LEMON to water to boost liver health!

·       Use fresh organic olive oil in diet or use for salad dressings!

·       Less heavier foods- MEAT & DAIRY, avoid fried foods, chemical foods, alcohol and other drugs ( because they are especially hard on liver).


·       Herbal teas are great for detoxing. Boobies! Brew tea is a specially designed for breast health while also containing the #1 stress relieving Chinese herbal formula used worldwide for stress & PMS relief.

·       Peppermint is great to drink during cleanses, it freshens breath and body odor & is stimulating!

·       Dandelion root herbal tea is excellent choice (its bitter so mix it with other teas) dandelion root is Chinese herb that is specifically good for liver & breast health.


·       Mental relaxation keeps you open and peaceful, helping you focus and make clear decisions

·       Physical exercise keeps the body and mind clear & open.

·       Exercise is really important right now!  Exercise releases stuck liver (emotional) energy


·       Spring is a great season to take a look at your life and make a new plan.

·       Important to connect to your creative self.

Lara Koljonen L.Ac., BS, is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and breast health visionary. She is the founder of Herbin Acupuncture & Wellness Center in Bankers Hill, San Diego. She started Essentially Pink in 2006 while finishing her Masters of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego.


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