I Had A Gut Feeling And Found My Own Lump In The Shower


“NOW THAT I’M 30, I FEEL AT MY HEALTHIEST AND I FEEL AT MY MOST BEAUTIFUL NOW THAN I DID AT 25.”  - SHARISHTA SHOURIE Sharishta was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25 in 2009, an age that many people don’t even think about their risk of breast cancer or any cancer for that matter. But there was one thing that was on her mind at that age and that was awareness about changes in her body.

Like many other young women, having a monthly breast health routine wasn't something that she did every month. But because she had been exposed to information about the importance of checking yourself every month,  she had a gut feeling one night to check her breasts in the shower and her life changed forever.



Inspired by Sharishta’s story and by the strength of all survivors, swimwear company Calavera and tattoo artist Kim Saigh teamed up to design two unique swimsuits to benefit the Keep A Breast Foundation. Fifty percent of the profit from these swimsuits will go towards educating young people on the steps they can take to lower their risk for breast cancer and how to check for the presence of breast cancer.

For a quick way to learn how to check yourself for breast cancer download the Keep A Breast Check Your Self app and have the information at your fingertips all the time. No matter how young or old you are, it’s never too early or late to start educating yourself on how to lower your risk for breast cancer. So start checking those boobies!

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