DIY Action: MZ and Emmers Sports Bra Auctions Aim to Break $40K for Keep A Breast


The ongoing efforts of MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auctions are truly remarkable. And here at Keep A Breast we can’t thank these DIY’ers enough!! The first auction started back in 2010, when Emma Bayer & Professional Soccer star McCall Zerboni teamed up to raise awareness and funds for a breast cancer event in their community. Fast-forward 4 years and (as of yesterday) 567 items have been auctioned off, totaling $37,600! Incredible!


As we near the last week of Breast Cancer Prevention month, MZ & Emmers are bringing out the big guns to end the month with a bang! They’ve got bras from the rock climber Sierra Blair-Coyle, sports newscaster Kristen Ledlow, and MMA broasdcaster Andrea Calle just to name a few. Also coming up, Olympic skier Devin Logan, rock climbers Sasha DiGiulian, models Carol Lisherness and Lane Elizabeth, and motocrosser Ami Houde coming up for auction on their eBay page this week. Their efforts and hard work don’t end in October, this is a year round job! So be sure to like MZ & Emmers on Facebook to see what exciting influencers’ bras will be up for auction next.

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