5 Reasons Why KAB Loves GoMacro!


Have you tried GoMacro bars? If not, you need to head straight to Whole Foods and grab a box like right now. This is our second year partnering with GoMacro and we could not be more grateful for this collaboration. Jola, the founder, is a breast cancer survivor and was inspired to start GoMacro after switching to a macrobiotic lifestyle post-diagnosis. From her lifestyle, having already owned a gorgeous farm, and growing up gardening with her mother, Jola had all the tools she needed to plant the seed of this amazing company. Learn more about GoMacro’s story here.

If that story wasn’t enough, here are some of the reasons why we love GoMacro!

1. They’re Vegan

We really emphasize the health and environmental benefits of eating a plant-based diet (we see you, Non Toxic Revolution). You’ve probably heard the phrase: “Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants”. This is a principal that Keep A Breast, Non Toxic Revolution, and GoMacro all uphold.

“Eat food” means to eat REAL food. As in not processed, naturally looks like and is food, food. A great way to measure if you’re eating real food is by simply taking a look at your plate: Your plate should be bright and colorful, rather than just shades of brown and beige. Real food includes vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes, etc. etc. You get the gist.

2. Sustainably sourced

Alright, guys, global warming is not a myth! It is very, very real. I mean hello, it is over 100 degrees in Southern California and it’s October! Sourcing sustainably is so important for the environment, but for other reasons as well. GoMacro prides themselves on being a sustainably sourced company.

Sustainably sourced foods mean minimalized travel time, meaning less air pollution, meaning better air quality. Fairtrade, as in fair labor, is another big part of sustainability. Sustainability also means that the farmland is not desolated from overproduction of large quantities of one type of crop (aka a lack of biodiversity).

3. They care!

GoMacro is a company with a huge heart. They care about the environment, animals, breast cancer education and prevention, local communities, and creating whole, healthy foods for their customers. It all too rare these days to find companies that truly care about the product they are making and the people who consume it, rather than just caring about money. Companies like GoMacro are a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of caring, 10% of every GoMacro’s Sunny Uplift Cherries + Berries bar sold benefits Keep A Breast. GoMacro is also the official sponsor for Fit 4 Prevention!

4. They’re actually good for you!

It’s no secret that we’ve all been getting jipped by bars for years. It seems like almost all health/power/breakfast/whatever bars end up having the same amount of fat and refined sugar as an ice cream sundae. This is so not the case with GoMacro. Don’t believe us? Check out the nutritional information for the Cherries + Berries bar:

GoMacro bars are vegan, gluten-free, organic, R.A.W., C.L.E.A.N., kosher and non-GMO project verified. So, they’ve got basically any and all dietary needs covered!

5. Last but not least, they’re super tasty!

Seriously, GoMacro bars are so good. They have tons of flavor combinations and they’re all delicious. Do yourself a favor and head to their online store to find the perfect GoMacro bar for you. Can’t decide? Don’t fret, they’ve got sample packsNow, go get your macrobiotic snack on!


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