5 Lifestyle Changes for Survivors (or anyone looking to adopt a healthier routine)


There are an infinite amount of changes that one goes through after being diagnosed. We, along with our dear friend Dr. Josh Axe, believe that adopting a natural and overall wellness-focused lifestyle is key for survivors. You know Dr. Axe from our Top 5 Supplements for Cellular Health blog. He is an amazing doctor who is invested in natural medicine and wellness. He has laid the wellness plan that his mother, Winona, who is a two-time survivor, lives by.

“My mom is now 15 years in remission and is the healthiest she’s been in her whole life. I want the same, vibrant health for all of you, which is why I’m sharing this plan with you all.” -Dr. Axe

We have taken some ideas from that and made our Top 5 Lifestyle Changes for Survivors. This is great inspiration for anyone looking for ways to be healthier, not just survivors. Check out our ideas on how to incorporate a new kind of structured wellness into your life!

1. Practice an "attitude of gratitude"

Spirituality is whatever you make of it. Whether you're invested in some kind of higher being or are looking to calm your mind, practicing gratitude can do wonders for your health, especially mental health. We suggest taking 30 minutes to an hour to meditate every morning to connect with yourself and your body.

2. Listen to music

Music has many healing properties. It can decrease stress and has proven to be extremely beneficial for people going through treatment. One study with breast cancer patients suggests that sounds waves actually physically evoke emotions through your body’s internal chemical and electrical signals. Take some time every day to listen to the music that you love. Whether you’re having a solo dance party or listening while you get some work done, music can do wonders for you.

3. Soak it out!

There’s nothing like a warm bath to ease discomfort. Mix in some Epsom salt to relieve pain and tension.  There is also something so therapeutic about being in the water. Add some relaxing essential oils, like lavender, and take some time to clear your mind and soak away stress. Not everyone has bathtubs, you can improvise with a steamy shower. While it’s not the same, it will still help you open up and relax.

4. Do something fun!

Seriously, block out time every day to do what you love. Watch reruns of your favorite television show, hang out with your family, play a board game, knit --  anything you want! With all the stress and business of life - not to mention when you are going through something as stressful and time-consuming as treatment - it is crucial that we take time to be ourselves and to feel some joy. Schedule an hour or so of your day to do what makes you, you!

5. Sip some tea

Did you know that Cancer Hates Tea? There are so many different types of teas, and they all have a wide range of health benefits. Why not start your morning off with your favorite black or chai tea (like that delicious chai latte pictured above) or wind down the night with a nice herbal, like chamomile, or milk thistle like Winona.

Check out Winona, aka Dr. Axe's mom's, very personal and spirtual plan below. Let this be a guide for you to make your own! Cross stuff out, write things in, switch up the times. The point is to make something that works for you! 

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