Your October Health Horoscope


Here at Keep A Breast, we believe that everything is connected and that our overall health and wellness is influenced by everything around us. We had the idea of creating personalized guides based on the zodiac (with a focus on health, of course). We've teamed up with the fantastic intuitive tarot reader, Reiki healer, and dream interpreter, Christine Aprile (of House of Intuition TV) to bring you monthly wellness-centered horoscopes. Header artwork by Torrey Jay, horoscope illustrations by CT Design

October 2019 Horoscopes

With Libra season in full swing, relationships and socializing are center stage, so we can all kick back and take a little break from the serious workload of last month! It’s likely that the first two weeks of October will be filled with reasons to let loose, and the full moon in Aries on October 13th could be a little intense, but it could also bring amazing opportunities for personal expansion and expression. As the Sun moved into Scorpio on October 23rd, the mood is likely to deepen. Scorpio season asks that we bring in deep healing, whether through processing old emotions or even cleaning up our finances.



It’s Breast Cancer Prevention Month, making it the perfect month to schedule your yearly pap smear and breast health check, Aries. October will be filled with opportunities to heal both yourself and your personal relationships, so kick start your new health plan by taking care of your reproductive health.



This is going to be a lovely month for you, dear Taurus, but make sure that you pay attention to your health so you can take advantage of the social blessings that the heavens will bring you! Try substituting leafy green vegetables for bread, or treating yourself to fruit for dessert instead of sugary sweets. You’ll have more energy for the parties that are sure to come!



Embrace your social side this month, dear Gemini! Libra season will really have you in a festive spirit, so go ahead and adorn yourself in a new outfit or try a fresh scent. The right fragrance can be a real confidence booster, but be sure to choose a non-toxic and cruelty-free brand, or make your own!



Upgrade your home this month by getting crafty, Cancer. Try creating your own household cleaning supplies with natural, organic ingredients such as baking soda, essential oils, and white vinegar. Embracing a clean lifestyle is healthy for both your body and mind.



Are you aware of how your health habits are affecting you, dear Leo? This month, tune into how your diet is influencing your energy levels by paying attention to how what you eat makes you feel. Keep a journal of what you eat and how it makes you feel.



Look deeper below the surface of yourself this month, dear Virgo. You might also want to make sure that you're getting adequate amounts of vitamin D in your diet. Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, helps prevent cancer and boosts your immune system.



Happy solar return, Libra! This is the perfect time to set your intentions for the year ahead, so consider investing in your health by bringing more cardio into your life. Enroll in a month of unlimited classes at your favorite gym or why not try a run at your favorite park? Check out Fit 4 Prevention for a cardio class near you that benefits KAB the month of October! Cardio is an amazing stress reducer and benefits your heart health.



This will be a busy month, dear Scorpio, so be sure to nourish yourself with healthy unprocessed food. Whole foods are easier for your digestive system to process, leaving more energy for brain function. You’ll also be helping the environment, since whole foods involve less waste to produce than factory created snacks.



Sagittarians are known for being independent souls, but October is going to challenge you to step out into new social circles and relationships. Socializing is good for your brain health and improves cognitive skills, so you’ll be sharper for whatever the month ahead brings you!



Bring more equality into your relationships this month, Capricorn. It’s really imperative that you listen to other points of view. So, if a friend or significant other is trying to give you advice, consider listening with an open heart. Balanced relationships are good for your mental and health, after all.



Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and challenge yourself this month, dear Aquarius! Have you ever wanted to try running a half marathon or even a triathlon? This is the month to set attainable and long term goals for yourself, especially if they challenge your assumptions of what you’re capable of.



Speak your truth this month, dear Pisces. You can amplify and support your throat chakra by drinking tea that includes herbs such as marshmallow and slippery elm. These two herbs are beneficial for throat health and also help bring balance to your intestines.


DISCLAIMER: KAB Health Horoscopes are designed to be used purely as fun wellness tips for entertainment purposes only. We are not medical professionals, nor should KAB Health Horoscopes be seen as medical information or a substitute for treatment or advice from your doctor or other licensed professionals.

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Christine Aprile

Christine Aprile is an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki healer, writer and musician actively pursuing the boundaries of thought and perception. Her love of astrology and metaphysics has been the constant in her life, inspiring both her creative fire and her journey as a healer. Whether she’s leading a guided sound meditation, performing with her music project Silent Diane, or riding her bike through the city, a hint of magic is always present within Christine’s life and work.

She currently resides in a tree house in Los Angeles, where she advises spiritual adventurers and pens her horoscopes and weekly music column for | Instagram: @receptive.tarot