Let's join forces and love some boobies!

DIY Action is a fundraising initiative that allows anyone to play a role with KAB and throw their own benefit event within their community! This campaign enables and empowers people to become activists and play a part of a bigger and better good DIY's can be anything from skateboarding events, to pool parties, to cook-offs. You could even set-up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser - nothing’s easier than that. Use your imagination! DIY Action is a huge part of our ethos, it brings grassroots, community involvement together to support and educate one another. Want to get your community involved? Sign up today to host your very own DIY Action Event!


It’s easy, you just fill out the form below! We will then get in contact with you about your event and coordinate sending you a DIY KABtivist Kit including things like i love boobies! bracelets, KAB education, and more!

Have a specific KAB cause you’re looking to fundraise for? You can choose to do a DIY for either of our 3 programs, Check Yourself, Non Toxic Revolution or Treasured Chest.


Keep A Breast would not be what it is without YOUR DIY Action Events! We cannot thank our DIYers enough for everything they do. We’re excited to partner with you and share the love of boobies everywhere!

Be sure to read the DIY Agreement Terms before signing up!