Your guide to a non-toxic summer!


The month of August reminds me a lot of Sundays. You want to love it because hey, still the summer, right? But you also deep down resent it because you know September, the Monday of calendar months, is right around the corner. Fear not my fellow summerphiles, because we still have time to make the most of this glorious, bountiful season.

We are here to help you cure the August blues with some tons of non-toxic summer activities! We happen to think summer, the season of growth, is the perfect time to pick up some non-toxic habits and gear to carry you on into the fall. If it has to be chilly and gloomy, might as well be living your best non-toxic life right? So grab your sunnies and let’s milk this summer for all its got, non-toxic style.



Hiking is one of our favorite non-toxic summer activities. Not only do you get your body moving, but you get to enjoy beautiful mother nature in all her summer glory. It’s a great activity to do with friends or even solo if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet. However, it can get hot and sweaty out there, especially in the summer, so you’re going to need some non-toxic hiking essentials. Here are our some of our must-haves!


We never hit the trail without our Klean Kanteen. Its insulation keeps your water cold for 50 hours and with a variety of sizes and colors to choose from you can pick the perfect bottle for your look and lifestyle. The best part is they’re totally non-toxic and help cut down on yucky, disposable plastic water bottles, which are harmful to both the planet and our bodies.


Speaking of protecting that bod, make sure you lather up in some good ole SPF. The sun is especially strong in the summer, and while it’s great to be outside and soak up some vitamin D, it’s also important to protect your skin. EWG has an incredible list of non-toxic sunscreens for every lifestyle out there, so no excuses!


With all that sun and those steep hikes, things are bound to get a little (or a lot) sweaty. One of the most essential non-toxic tools for your ultimate summer hike is a non-toxic deodorant. Having a non-toxic deodorant is especially important because your armpits absorb 100% of the toxins they come in to contact with. Plus, your underarms are home to a whole host of lymph nodes that you really don't want to be smearing harmful chemicals all over. 

We're super into Honestly pHresh right now. They have really soft smells plus, they're baking soda-free, which means all of their deodorants are gentle on the skin and won’t cause irritation, as some aluminum-free can. With both stick or roll-on options, you can be sure you won't scare away any of your fellow hikers.


One of our favorite things about summer is all the fresh, local produce! We love weekend strolls around our local farmer’s markets grabbing sustainable, non-toxic goodies. We try to make our farmer’s market trips zero waste, because why would you want to trash something so rad? Here's everything you need to keep your farmer's market trips toxic-free (and bonus, low impact)!


One of the easiest ways to cut down on Farmer's Market (or grocery store!) waste is by bringing your own reusable produce bags! Not only will you be awesome and opting out of creating waste, but you’ll also keep any potential plastic toxins away from your fresh goodies.

We don't know about you, but we get a lot more than just produce at the Farmers Market. The Farmers Market is an excellent place for fresh flowers and even houseplants! You’ll need a sturdy tote to carry all your farmer’s market finds, so why not strut your non-toxic stuff and grab an NTR tote. They’re cute as hell, and you’ll show the world that you’re saying no to toxins, hooray. 


Now that you’ve hit the market and collected all your yummy farm fresh finds, we think it’s the perfect time for a summer picnic. I mean come on, how cute does that sound?! While we’re on a roll from the market, why don’t we make this picnic waste-free too? You can do good for you and this beautiful planet at the same time, which is our idea of a win-win.


For our non-toxic waste-free meals, we are OBSESSED with the NTR x Togoware bamboo silverware. Not only is it reusable, but it comes in its own little carrying case so you can take it anywhere and not worry about losing any bits and pieces. Plus they’ll go great with your new sleek and stylish stainless steel containers, which kick plastic container’s butts.

No picnic is complete without a cool, refreshing drink, and as you know, we never go anywhere without our Klean Kanteen, and we don’t think you should either!

Feeling sippy? We think our glass straws are a non-toxic lifestyle must-have. They’re reusable, easy to clean, and can help you cut down on the 38,000 straws the average person uses in their lifetime. Oh, and they fit perfectly in that Togoware carrying case!

Lucky for you, you already have the perfect NTR tote to carry all your picnic essentials, so toss your gear in there and get your picnic party started.



“Summer” and “beach” got together like pb&j. Whether you’re basking in the sun or splashing in the waves, it doesn’t quite feel like summer until you get in your first beach day, so grab your sunnies and your swimmies and plan yourself an epic non-toxic day. We love these awesome products to keep your fun in the sun toxin-free and full of glee. 


We highly recommend staying hydrated at the beach, especially considering all the heat, salt, and sun can result in dehydration. To keep you feeling fresh and energized, as well as glowy of course, keep your handy dandy Klean Kanteen nearby for a refreshing drink to keep you hydrated in the sun. (Bonus points if you can match your Klean Kanteen to your bathing suit.) 


As every beach babe knows, it’s crucial to protect your gorgeous skin with a hefty application or two of your fav non-toxic sunscreen. Nothing ruins a great time like a sunburn... trust us. Go back to EWG’s epic guide to find your perfect fit: make sure it's ocean-safe, and re-apply after taking a dip! Maybe even throw a cute hat on there if you’re feeling jazzy. Your NTR tote is the perfect sturdy beach bag to carry all your essentials and flaunt your fine, non-toxic self.


Summer lovin’, had us a blast! Summer lovin’, toxic-free is the best! If you’ve been canoodling with a special someone this summer season, we think it’s time to take it to the next level and have yourselves a non-toxic date night!


Whether you’re hitting the town or staying in to cook up some farm fresh farmer’s market finds, we think you should be looking and feeling your best. We love stepping out in our non-toxic Shae Face and Body Making Eyes Mascara, which is free of toxins and harmful chemicals found in your average mascara. Plus, it contains jojoba oil which will naturally nourish your lashes, how rad is that?!


With you looking so fine, there’s a good chance this night is about to get hotter than the global heatwave. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered.  Picture this: you walk in, dim the lights, light one of our mood-setting, deliciously scented soy candles, and whip out your super sexy non-toxic clean love kit, complete with Love Oils, Clean Love lube, extra sensitive condoms, and rebalancing wipes. Just like your organic soy candle, your night is about to ignite with the fiery flames of summer. Enjoy yourself, and play safe and toxic-free!



No summer fling this year? Girl, same. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun sans romance. Here are our favorite non-toxic ways to practice some much-needed self-love this sultry summer. 


Here at KAB, we like to kickstart our self-love with a nice luxurious bath. For us, no relaxation is complete without some good smells and soft lighting, so whip out your tried and true soy candle and get the vibes going.

We also recommend lathering up some Schmidt's Naturals Rose + Vanilla soap with an all natural (and might we add, super squishy and fun) bath sponge.

To treat our skin, and wash away the beach, we a good exfoliating session with a natural body scrub followed with some ultra-hydrating body oil to help lock in that summer glow.


Now that you’re all clean and feeling fine, it’s time to get into some real deal self-love with our favorite Lovability products. We’re obsessed with their all-natural scented sprays that help you “prioritize your pleasure”(Umm we’ll take 10 of those please). Not to mention we’re going gaga over their super gentle 100% organic aloe vera lube so you can feel your most natural and comfortable. So sit (or lay) back and relax, because it’s time to get it on with the tastiest snack out there - you.

Now that you've stocked up on all your non-toxic essentials, we hope you have the most incredible, toxic-summer of your fabulous lives.

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Molly is a super cute angry feminist who loves rescue dogs, camping, and dad jokes. She studies Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Loyola Marymount University where she has discovered a passion for activism and volunteer work. Her hobbies include talking about boobies, talking in general, being in nature, kicking ass, eating carbs, and watching Queer Eye. Molly hopes to one day live in a world where people aren’t jerks to one another and a puppy is president.