We're Celebrating #NationalChiaDay with Mamma Chia! Are you?


We are so excited to celebrate National Chia Day with our 1% for the Planet partner, Mamma Chia! It’s no secret that chia seeds are super good for you! (If you don't know all the things about these awesome seeds, check out the 3 reasons why we put them on EVERYTHING!) This ancient superfood has been a staple in the diet of many cultures, including the Maya and the Aztecs. But, these little seeds can be a quite daunting if you’ve never used them before so in honor of National Chia Day here are some simple, fun, and delicious chia based recipes.

Vegan Chia Buckwheat Pancakes!

1 ½ Cup Buckwheat Flour

1 Mashed Banana

½ Cup Chia Gel*

1 ½ Cup Non-Dairy Milk

1 TBS Baking Soda


4 Chopped Dates

3 TBS Maple Syrup

2 TBS Cinnamon


Combine the wet ingredients (chia gel, non-dairy milk, banana, maple syrup) in one bowl and  and dry ingredients (baking soda, flour, cinnamon) in another. Once wet and dry have been combined well in their separate bowls pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients bowl and mix until a smooth batter is formed.

Over medium heat warm a nonstick pan and cook for approximately 4 minutes on each side or until fully cooked.

Serve with almond butter or maple syrup and enjoy!

Chocolate Chia Pudding

1 Cup Non-Dairy Milk

¼ Cup Chia Seeds

1 Mashed Banana

¼ Cups Cocoa Powder


Vegan Cacao Nibs

Chopped Dates


Mix cocoa powder and mashed banana with non-dairy milk. Once combined mix in chia seeds and let soak for 2 or more hours. After two hours add your favorite toppings and enjoy!


Berry Chia Water

1 ½ Cup Water

¼ Cup Chia Gel

½ cup frozen berries


Mix all ingredients and drink up!

*Chia gel: Soak one part chia seeds in equal parts water until gel forms

Check out Mamma Chia's website for more ways to participate in #NationalChiaDay and this awesome infographic that shows just how super chia seeds really are!