Valiant and KAB Team Up to Prevent Breast Cancer with All-New FAITH Special Edition Comic


As announced in 2016, Faith continues to be the face of this first-of-its-kind collaborative partnership between KAB and Valiant. She has spread the word at Cons and events throughout the nation, and now will bring her superhero support to a whole new level, a comic! Faith has a new story to tell, and this time she won't be able to fight her way out of it.  Breast Cancer can happen to anyone, no matter what your family history may say, and having Faith confront breast cancer in her world shows how important it is to be your own health advocate.

The FAITH WARPED TOUR/KEEP A BREAST SPECIAL EDITION #1 features a brand-new, never-before-seen Faith story written by rising star Justine Prado (Finding Molly) with art by Valiant superstar Clayton Henry (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and Eisner Award nominee Kate Niemczyk (FAITH, Mockingbird). Get ready to meet Los Angeles’ leading superhero, Faith “Zephyr” Herbert, as she confronts the realities of breast cancer head-on in a special standalone story, created in collaboration with The Keep A Breast Foundation. Faith has saved her city from alien invaders and common criminals alike…but when a different, more personal kind of scourge hits close to home, can Faith show strength in the face of an all-too-common affliction that has affected millions of women and men around the world?

 We think she can! Check out the full story!

"Teaming up with a force like Faith is so rad, especially with such a growing female readership in comics today,"  Shaney jo Darden, Founder & CCO of The Keep A Breast Foundation, told Womanista. "I think comics inspire people to stick up for themselves and others, to be their own advocate, and that’s exactly what we do. Being your own health advocate can really empower you, and knowledge gives you that power. Faith helps us celebrate our bodies through the power of different mediums, channels, and alter egos, showing how comics and art can put a spotlight on real issues, start important conversations, and empower us to be our own superheroes."

Keep A Breast and Valiant Comics believe it’s important to continue to have important conversations about health, our bodies and important issues at our favorite cons. When we read Faith, of Valiant Comics, we were so excited to see a hero that was so funny, real, and full of self-love. Art has the power to heal and impact people in the best way. The foundation of everything KAB does is art and it just makes sense to team up with people that are breaking the norm in their own industries. We break the norm in the breast cancer space by focusing on prevention and young women, and Valiant is breaking the norm by creating a hero that challenges the normal aesthetic of females in comic books.

“As Faith’s popularity continues to soar with each passing year, her role as Keep A Breast’s official ambassador to comics fandom has only become that much more important,” said Russell A. Brown, Valiant’s President of Consumer Products, Promotions & Ad Sales. “Valiant and Keep A Breast share the same vision of saving lives by bringing breast health awareness to new audiences in traditionally unexplored arenas. Now, as an official sponsor of this year’s Vans Warped Tour, Valiant is proud to present Faith and Keep A Breast’s message to tens of thousands of passionate fans and new readers through education and entertainment in the pages of this story.”

Beginning this month, Valiant’s award-winning library of comic book superheroes will be hitting the road with America’s longest-running touring music festival for an immersive collaboration spanning the summer 2017 season. Yup, you guessed it! Valiant is teaming up with Vans Warped Tour to make this summer's tour extra super! We are so stoked for our new partner, Valiant, to be teaming up with one of our favorite partners, Vans Warped Tour, to form the dream team of breast cancer prevention education, music, and art.