This Is What A Bunny Kitty Does On Vans Warped Tour!


Hi everyone!

Let me first start this thing off by introducing myself. My name is Bunny Kitty and me and my best friend Twurp got the chance to spend the whole summer on the Vans Warped Tour with Keep A Breast.

Spending the summer on the Vans Warped Tour was the BEST experience I’ve ever had.

I got to travel to over 40 different cities and live on a tour bus, which was the coolest! I watched my favorite bands play every day and even got to meet some of them, like Less Than Jake and Real Friends. Plus, I got to see all the behind the scenes stuff and learned how these festivals actually work.


But even with all that exciting stuff the best part of my summer was getting to spend my days hanging out at the Keep A Breast tent and educating young people about breast cancer awareness and prevention. At the Keep A Breast tent we love to make education fun so we had our Boobies 101 wheel! With every spin you have to answer a breast cancer trivia question and people that stopped by the tent learned so much. Even I learned some facts I didn’t know before. Did you know that tumors are actually more aggressive when they’re diagnosed in younger women?! I couldn’t believe that! That’s why we also have our breastology pillows at the tent so we can help teach younger people how to do self checks and they can even feel what a harmful breast lump feels like.

Another crazy fact I learned is that 40% of breast cancer cases are diagnosed by women finding their own lumps.

Almost half! It was great being able to talk to people my own age (in Bunny Kitty years, of course) and explain to them just how important it is to check yourself every month.

Bunny Kitty _Breastology_1 copy

Spending the summer on the Vans Warped Tour with Keep A Breast was definitely the most fun. I made so many new friends and got to talk to so many awesome people at the tent. I can’t wait to do it again!

Now I’m back at the KAB office working on all the different ways I can spread the word and help them give young people breast health education and support.

Follow @keepabreast on Instagram, and me @_bunnykitty_, to keep up with me!

And download the Keep A Breast Check Yourself! App on iPhone or Android so you can set a reminder to check yourself every month with a step-by-step guide from the awesome people at KAB!

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