This Is My Pink Ribbon - Why do you wear your Keep A Breast i love boobies! bracelet?


Here at Keep A Breast, we hear amazing, personal messages about the meaning of our i love boobies! bracelets everyday. We created the bracelets to show solidarity for breast cancer awareness, yet we’ve learned that the bracelets also mean other things to each wearer, and that different people wear them for different reasons. Our bracelets have truly become the “pink ribbon” of the younger generation.

We want others to hear these inspiring messages, so we’ve created the This is My Pink Ribbon campaign. This campaign allows everyone—from celebrities to everyday young people—to share with the world why they wear an I Love Boobies! bracelet, and what the bracelet means to them. Everyone’s story has the potential to comfort someone else.

This is My Pink Ribbon is an extension of an existing online campaign. If you wear an I love Boobies! bracelet, you can participate and share your story through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Twibbon.

Simply finish the sentence: I wear my bracelet because… And tag it on Twitter Facebook, or Instagram with #THISISMYPINKRIBBON, uploading a video response on YouTube or adding a pink i love boobies! Twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile photo.

Help us raise awareness of breast cancer and strengthen our community of support by telling the world about your bracelet!

Looking for other ways to support? You can always purcahse official Keep A Breast merchandise,  create a fundraising page, make a direct donation or throw an event with our DIY Action program! All these initiatives benefit the Keep A Breast Foundation and help us continue our mission to educate.



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