Roadrunner Supports Our Girls With Educational Sports Bra Fittings


Ladies have you ever been out running or playing sports and felt like you were going to give yourself a black eye from untamable bounciness? Or, has your sports bra ever been so tight that you thought you might break a rib?  Hey, at least you weren’t giving spectators a surprise show! Luckily, Road Runner Sports are experts in this arena.  They are properly trained to assist and fit you for the perfect sports bra. But, did you also know that beyond helping to contain “the girls” you can lessen your risk of disease? During the month of October, Road Runner Sports has agreed to donate $1 to Keep A Breast Foundation for every bra that they help fit.  They realize the importance of supporting a healthy lifestyle and will also give the women that they help fit a breast self-exam card.

According to Dr. Mandy, who is our naturopathic expert, 85% of the lymphatic fluid must drain its waste around the armpit area, while 15% drains along the breast bone.  Where does your bra usually wrap around your body?  The bra seems to obstruct the very place that needs to be unobstructed!  Studies have shown that the tightness of a bra can cut off the lymphatic system from draining properly.  This means that your bra could be obstructing your body’s natural flow which can also increase your risks for cancer.  On the other hand, if it is not fit right, you could be doing more harm than good during your workout.

As a side note, if you are already wearing a sports bra, then you are already giant steps ahead of me.  Is it too much to ask to watch Netflix all day? But, hey check out this figure: only 30 minutes of aerobic activity 3-5 times a week can lower your risk of breast cancer by 30-50%!  But, I’m sure you already knew that you sports bra wearer you.  I’ll just have to make sure to hit the nearest gym with a personal TV.  I can’t risk missing my guilty pleasure, Vampire Diaries, and hey, I’ll lower my risk for cancer in the process.  To further drive this message home, doctors are now telling their cancer patients to begin exercising, instead of taking it easy.  Who would have thought?  There must be some type of validation in there.

Help support the Keep A Breast Foundation by going over to Road Runner this October and asking for a sport’s bra fitting.  Not only will you be helping us out, but yourself as well!

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