Your October Breast Health Horoscope


Here at Keep A Breast, we believe that everything is connected and that our overall health and wellness is influenced by everything around us. We had the idea of creating personalized health guides based on the zodiac (with a focus on breast health, of course). We’ve teamed up with the amazing intuitive tarot reader, Reiki healer, and dream interpreter, Christine Aprile (of House of Intuition TV) to bring you monthly wellness-centered horoscopes. Featuring artwork by Torrey Jay

October 2018 KAB Breastscopes

October begins with a rather tricky Venus retrograde in Scorpio, an intensely passionate (and possibly manipulative) placement for the planetary ruler of love. We may find ourselves reliving old patterns in our relationships, and past lovers have a tendency to resurface during this transit. The new moon in Libra October 8th squares off with Pluto, making it an excellent time to detoxify the body and brings renewed interest in women’s rights. Surprise romance could blossom with the full moon October 24th, but expect the unexpected, thanks to a conjunction between the moon and Uranus in Taurus.

Aries natives may experience a slow down this month, so use this time to reevaluate your relationships and goals. You may be holding onto more emotional baggage than you realize, dear Aries, and our hips are often the receptacles for unprocessed feelings. Try adding some hip openers such as pigeon pose to your yoga or stretching routine to release stagnant energy that may be lingering from your past.

While love is in the air for Taurus this month, natives of this normally sensual sign may be feeling a bit out of sorts. Reclaim your loving nature and open your heart by adding some roses into your life. Whether freshly cut in a vase, applied to your skin as an essential oil, or even steeped as a tea, rose is an exceptional herbal heart opener and healer.

Embrace the role of student this month, dear Gemini. While it might be tempting to assume that your agile mind can solve any problem that may arise, the sign of the twins can benefit greatly by following the lead of knowledgeable peers and leaders. The benefits? Lifelong students are more likely to consciously steer theirs in healthy and abundant directions. Not currently a student? Take a new class at your local community college or get a book on a subject you've always been interested in!

Stay young at heart this month to reap the astrological benefits of October, dear Cancer! While you’re still quite focused on career, you might actually benefit from cutting loose and playing like a kid this month. Play increases cognitive skills and increases emotional well-being in adults as well as children. So get outside and have some fun!

This is an excellent month for Leo to reevaluate both work and relationships. With Venus going retrograde in Scorpio, you’ll benefit greatly by setting goals and intentions for your future. Setting goals can help you prioritize a busy schedule and alleviate stress by staying focused on activities that increase your likelihood for success. And we could all use less stress in life, right?

Focus on health this October, dear Virgo! Consider giving yourself a facial massage to help increase blood flow and oxygen to your hard-working visage. In addition to being an excellent stress reducer, facial massage naturally fights aging and wrinkles by increasing collagen and elasticity for a healthy glow and complexion. If you're feeling extra fancy or mystical, you can up your facial massage game with a crystal roller!

October is your beautiful birthday month, dear Libra, so make the most of it by balancing out your endocrine system. Diet is a huge part of hormonal balance, and since Libra is the sign of the scales, take this month as a chance for a personal dietary reset. High glycemic foods (anything processed or including refined sugar) should be avoided, so substitute sugary snacks for real whole foods.

What does true happiness mean for you, Scorpio? Spend some time this month getting into the nitty-gritty of what brings you joy. This is an excellent time for Scorpions to immerse themselves in any form of therapy, such as psychotherapy, art or music therapy, or even seeking out a spiritual mentor. Sometimes we all need a mirror to understand our true motivations.

This is the perfect time period for Sagittarians to focus on balancing body, mind, and soul, so if you’ve ever considered trying alternative healing therapies, October is your month. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine view optimal health as a balanced energy system where the body as a physical as well as an energetic system. When Chi or life force is out of balance, disease and sickness tend to manifest, so if you’ve been feeling a little off kilter, book yourself an acupuncture session and get back to equilibrium.

It’s going to be a busy first half of the month for Capricorn, so make sure you’re not neglecting your body. Never underestimate a consistent workout! The sign of the goat rules the legs, so if you find yourself feeling a little burned out mentally or emotionally, try taking a walk or even a jog. It will help clear your mind while nourishing your body and your soul.

The Venus retrograde this October brings Aquarians the urge for adventure and contact with the exotic and the unknown. Even if you can’t plan a foreign trip this month, it’s a great time to learn a new language. In addition to making you a more worldly person, being multi-linguistic improves memory and overall cognition. 

Feeling a little sluggish, dear Pisces? This is the perfect month for a detox for the sign of the fish, so consider cutting out processed food, sugar and meat, or give a week of veganism a try! You’ll help your body release toxins, and you may even pick up a new healthy recipe to add to your cooking repertoire!


DISCLAIMER: KAB Breastscopes are designed to be used purely as fun wellness tips for entertainment purposes only. We are not medical professionals, nor should KAB Breastscopes be seen as medical information or a substitute for treatment or advice from your doctor or other licensed professionals.

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Christine Aprile is an intuitive tarot reader, Reiki healer, writer and musician actively pursuing the boundaries of thought and perception. Her love of astrology and metaphysics has been the constant in her life, inspiring both her creative fire and her journey as a healer. Whether she’s leading a guided sound meditation, performing with her music project Silent Diane, or riding her bike through the city, a hint of magic is always present within Christine’s life and work.

She currently resides in a tree house in Los Angeles, where she advises spiritual adventurers and pens her horoscopes and weekly music column for | Instagram: @receptive.tarot