#BlackBreastsMatter: Join Us At The LA Women's March!


Will we see you at the LA Women's March tomorrow? Come by our booth in Pershing Square after the march and get some breast health info and see why #BlackBreastsMatter! First 30 people can pick up a free #BlackBreastsMatter t-shirt!

What does Black Breasts Matter even mean?

The higher mortality rate for black women diagnosed with breast cancer is not that of coincidence but instead rooted from a long history of injustice and inequality. Black women are not inherently less likely to survive breast cancer, it is instead lack of access healthcare, screenings, and education that keep black women in america at a higher mortality rate than their white counterparts.

But don’t ALL breasts matter?

Yes all breasts matter BUT it is black women who have a higher mortality rate and lack of access.

KAB is committed to bringing education to underserved communities and it’s part of who we are. We are not here to make divisions, but to not highlight the community that is affected and wash over it over with the title “ALL BREASTS MATTER” we would not only confuse our efforts but further contribute to the injustices to the black community.

We say #BLACKBREASTSMATTER because black women are dying at an alarming rate from breast cancer and no one is talking about it.

What does this have to do with the Women’s March?

We are here marching for all women and their rights. Black Breasts Matter is a relevant topic because under the new administration Planned parenthood is under attack, while Planned Parenthood is beneficial to people of all races, the already alarming mortality numbers of black women diagnosed with breast cancer, made us feel the need to bring to light the issues of this already marginalized community.

Here are the Facts!

*Black women are 70% more likely to be diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer

*The mortality rate for white women diagnosed with breast cancer has gone down 34% while for black women the mortality rate has only decreased by 2%

*African American women have a 78% survival rate versus the 98% survival rate of white women

*African American women have the highest mortality rate from breast cancer as they tend to be diagnosed later