6 Easy Ways to Give Back To Your Favorite Cause Without Giving Money


We are so stoked that it’s #GivingTuesday. A day to give back and for us to reflect on all the awesome ways we’ve been able to help people thanks to your love, time and donations. We are huge supporters of the #GivingTuesday movement, not just because it highlights our work, but also because it really brings people together to share the gift of giving back. It warms our hearts to look at our social media feeds and see people sharing causes that are near and dear to their hearts. On this day you can be a part of something bigger, but to us, you are a part of our journey every single day and we love you for that. 

We know you can’t always give a donation, so we wanted to give you some easy ways that you can help spread the word about your favorite cause and still give money while buying things you need! You can choose Keep A Breast or any other amazing cause that really resonates with you; we just want you to GIVE!

Shop Through Amazon Smile

If you order through Amazon often (who are we kidding, most of us do), you can simply visit Amazon Smile and .05% of your purchase will be donated to a non profit of your choice. It may seem like a little, but a little bit every time you shop on Amazon can add up! The experience will be the same; it will just feel even better when you get that video game or hand soap in the mail. 

Post a Selfie with the FOTITION App

The selfie is a long time phenomenon now, showing people our happy faces and now helping causes worldwide! Download the FOTITION App and choose what non profit you want to shout out. The app will give you a cool border and gives $5 for every selfie taken for that organization. Pretty cool, right? Selfies for a cause FTW! 

Start A Fundraising Page

Even if you can't give right now, you can always start a fundraising page for your favorite organization and spread the word through your social media channels. There's a chance that people in your life that can donate don't know about your favorite non profit and would love to give if they had the opportunity. Many orgs even have ways to donate your birthday to the cause! Check out tools like Classy and Crowdrise for more information.

Rally A Petition For Change

If there is a cause or injustice that you really want to address, you can also start a petition for people to support that cause and make change. The best part of grassroots is people coming together for a common reason and actually convincing someone in power to change that injustice for the better. Check out Take Part and Change to start a petition and potentially make a huge difference for a cause you're passionate about.

eBay for Charity

Do you sell thing son eBay? Now you can select a percentage of your sales to go towards your favorite non profit! Simply visit eBay for Charity and select your favorite org and what percentage you want to give from your sales. There are lots of fun ways to fundraise and give back on eBay and you can make extra cash from purging your closets. It’s a win win!

Volunteer Your Time

The classic way to support your favorite cause is to simply give your time. Many non profits have tasks that they need help with and here at Keep A Breasts we are elated when people want to come help us send out Treasured Chest Kits or educate young people at events. Check out your favorite org’s website and see what ways you can be a part of their journey.

There ya have it, some easy ways to support your favorite cause all year long without breaking the bank. If you give to KAB or any other charity already, thank you so much for supporting the grassroots movements that are making a positive impact for communities, people and animals. We literally couldn’t do it with you. 

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