Are you one of the 50k people checking themselves with our Check Yourself! app?


Early detection is the key and knowing what is “normal” for your body is an integral part of that. We developed our Check Yourself! App to do just that: help young women all over the world to develop a healthy life-long relationship with their bodies. By checking yourself once a month, you are able to detect abnormalities at the first sign of change. We wanted to create something to support women in their self-check journey: give them a step-by-step guide, tips, information, and automatic scheduling in order to make it as simple and accessible as possible. That way, people would be most likely to really carry out a self-check routine. We came at the app as we do everything in our organization - from a place of love and support. We like to say that during your self-check, you are never “looking for cancer” but rather getting to know your body - which is a crucial component of your mental and physical health.

Our relaunch in October 2017 allowed so much of our vision to come to fruition. It’s cute, detailed, informative, user-friendly, and available in 6 languages. We are beyond excited and grateful to announce that as of early January 2018, the Check Yourself! App has been downloaded by over 50,000 people!

Thank You!!!

Thank YOU so much for downloading our app and sharing it with the people in your life. This app and the tools it provides is so close to our heart and the fact that it has inspired over 50k people to self-check and tell their loved ones about it means so much to us.

Boobies Run the World!

Our app has now been downloaded in over 170 countries. How amazing is that? While we are a global organization, our headquarters consists of just a tiny handful of people in Los Angeles, and it is so overwhelmingly great that our app has touched people all over the world!

Are you one of the 50k checking yourself? Leave us a review! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Don’t have the app yet? Download the Check Yourself! on the Apple App Store or Google Play to learn to do a breast self-check & set up an automatic monthly reminder. Early detection is the key.