12 Worst Endocrine Disruptors Revealed By Environmental Working Group And Keep A Breast


Keep A Breast funds projects and research directly related to our mission of breast cancer prevention, early detection and the elimination of cancer-causing toxins found in our everyday environment. Staying true to our mission, one of our 2012 grant recipients, Environmental Working Group, teamed up with Keep A Breast to compile an alarming list of endocrine disruptors that deviously make their way into our bodies. So you might be asking yourself “what's an endo…?” but don’t worry, endocrine disruptors aren’t complicated at all. In fact, it's startling to know just how commonly they are found in the products that we use and in the food that we eat. Endocrine disruptors lie, manipulate and imitate hormones- sounds like a bad relationship! Endocrine disruptors also turn one hormone into another and can interfere with hormone signaling by telling cells to die prematurely…it just keeps getting worse!

But never fear the Environmental Working Group and Keep A Breast are here!

The Dirty Dozen List of Endocrine Disruptors takes a look at 12 of the worst hormone altering chemicals found in our everyday lives. For example, a chemical like mercury, although naturally occurring, is toxic because of coal burning. These toxins are released into the air and eventually end up in our oceans. As a result, mercury-contaminated seafood is found almost everywhere. For women, once it makes its way into our bodies, mercury will bind with a particular hormone that regulates menstrual cycles and ovulation by interfering with signaling pathways - as if women needed one more thing to interfere with their daily schedules!

But don’t get overwhelmed. If you love eating seafood, and why wouldn’t you, seafood is loaded with healthy fats, try buying and ordering wild salmon and farmed trout instead. By opting for more organic options you can reduce the amount of mercury you consume.

Keep A Breast is proud to team up with the Environmental Working Group to continue to provide you with the information you need to live healthy and consciously. Mercury is just one  (and the easiet to pronouce) of the 12 endocrine disruptors. To learn more about the rest click here or see below!

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