1% for the Planet Partners Share Why They Love Boobies!


We wanted to take some time to thank 1% for the Planet for having us as a beneficiary along with all our 1% partners that have dedicated their resources to Keep A Breast & Non Toxic Revolution. We are so grateful to collaborate with companies and individuals whose values align so harmoniously with ours. 1% for the Planet is a global organization that connects dollars and doers to accelerate smart environmental giving. The supporters we work with understand that a healthy environment contributes to a healthy mind and body. That is, after all, one of the reasons why we started NTR.

Here are a few words from some of the members that support us!

Sensi Graves

“We choose to work with The Keep A Breast Foundation because the work they do is critical to women's health. My own Mother died of Breast Cancer and this personal connection to the disease drives my desire to support other young women with the knowledge they need to take back their breast health. Besides KAB is cool!” - Sensi Graves

Green Goo

“Green Goo and myself personally are thrilled to be working with KAB, not only to save lives by increased education and awareness for early detection of breast cancer but even more so to create cleaner, healthier lives for a non-toxic environment so we can hopefully reduce the frequency of this disease. Together, we will save boobies and lives!!” - Jodi Scott of Green Goo

Controlled Chaos 

"We and our customers love when it's easy to do a good thing. Just one click—and we’re helping to spread awareness. Studies have shown that some cancer patients grow curly hair after chemo. Our products can be used by all curl types, making it simple to style any curls, from waves to corkscrews. We feel fortunate that we can work with 1% for the planet and help contribute to KAB daily. Thank you to all who have helped donate through your Controlled Chaos purchases, and thank you to KAB for having a deep passion for educating the world today!" - Alanna of Controlled Chaos

Katherine Homes

"When it comes to health I've always been an advocate for preventative medicine and focusing on the cause of an illness rather than the cure for an illness. When an individual is educated on how environmental toxins impact their health, or how to look for early signs of an illness, they can choose to make educated decisions on how to protect their minds and bodies. There are many organizations and pharmaceutical companies trying to find a cure for breast cancer, and they should keep doing so. Keep A Breast Foundation focuses on educating the public to take preventative measures, empowering women and men to take control of their health. This on the ground, transparent and holistic approach, is something I 100% stand behind. I'm honored to be working with them.” - Katherine Homes

In addition to these kind folks, we would also like to thank some other 1% members for their support!

Blackfish, Boulder Clean, Earth Missions, Conscious Step, Page Street Publishing, Mamma Chia, Klean Kanteen, Naturepedic, Ecocentric mom, Forest Sun, & Smog City Brewing Co.

Looking to collaborate with amazing people? You, too, can become a 1% for the Planet member. Both businesses and individuals can join! Learn more here