Treasured Chest

The Keep A Breast and Young Survival Coalition’s Treasured Chest Program gives any woman diagnosed with breast cancer an opportunity to document her body and feelings, by turning her casted torso into a beautiful work of art. These unique pieces, The Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Casts™, are one-of-a-kind plaster forms that combine sculpture, charity, and artistry. They communicate complex emotions about breast health and the female form, allowing the castee to capture a specific point in her breast cancer journey.

Diagnosed women will likely face dramatic changes, both physical and emotional, on their breast cancer journey. The Treasured Chest Program was designed to support these women by allowing them to confronting these changes directly, in a supportive, creative atmosphere.

“The Treasured Chest Program is a great program for young breast cancer survivors to adapt to the changes brought on by breast cancer,” says Jennifer Merschdorf, CEO of the Young Survival Coalition. “Through the Keep A Breast Foundation and Young Survival Coalition partnership we hope to reach more young women diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as offer education and support as they go through the treatment process.”

“It is the most valuable possession I have,” explains Allison Briggs, a four-year survivor diagnosed at age 26. “It’s representative not just of what my body used to be like, but of the transformation…to the woman I am today…”

How does it support the KAB mission?

This program is the foundation of KAB’s artistic approach to breast cancer support, dialogue, and community building. The casting process is a safe haven of expression for young women diagnosed with breast cancer, and the final product a starting point for continuing conversations. Breast casts are narratives that highlight the importance of confronting the challenges of breast cancer. Each is an outward expression of the castee’s inner beauty. “I’ve never felt so beautiful” is a common response from participants.

Can I participate?

All women diagnosed with breast cancer are invited to take part in this program. This includes women facing or recovering from the loss of a breast (mastectomy), partial removal of a breast (lumpectomy), or shrinkage of a breast caused by radiation, as well as previvors.

Like-minded spas and salons interested in hosting local breast casting parties are also encouraged to participate in the program.

Where do I start?

Individuals interested in participating in the program are invited to complete the application here , or on the Treasured Chest Program Facebook page. Please visit our Events calendar to learn about upcoming casting parties in your area.

Spas and salons interested in hosting breast casting parties should contact KAB Founder Shaney jo Darden


Sept. 18, 2013, 6 p.m.

Surfing With Survivors KAB + Calavera

2030 Ocean Avenue Santa Monica

Oct. 29, 2013, 4 p.m.


Lemongrass Center for Well-Being 910 Second St. Encinitas, CA 92024

April 25, 2014, noon

7th Annual OMG! Cancer Summit for Young Adults

Las Vegas, NV

April 18, 2015, 2 p.m.

Keep A Breast x YSC Treasured Chest Day!

The Pirahna Shop - 1022 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

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