This Is My Story

This is My Story allows individuals to share—through written or video testimony—the impact breast cancer has had on their lives. Keep A Breast has published hundreds of personal stories and no two are the same. Some are expressions of strength, others of emotional hurdles, and others of day-to-day challenges. All are reminders that there is no “normal” personal response to breast cancer and that the impact of cancer does not discriminate. Everyday young people discover that their stories have themes similar to those of the celebrity athletes and musicians who have told theirs. We’ve heard over and over that these stories make people feel less isolated and more likely to seek support. Keep A Breast records these testimonies and posts them on this website, as well our YouTube channel and various social media outlets. Click here to see the This Is My Story album on our Facebook!

How does it support the KAB Mission?

This program contributes to KAB’s efforts to build a global community of breast cancer support for young people. Each story is a conversation starter; the potential beginning of an ongoing dialogue. These narratives present multiple, complex emotions in a simple manner, and encourage young people to seek further support and information.

Can I participate?

Anyone of any age who has been affected by breast cancer is welcome to submit a This is My Story testimony. Past participants range from junior high school students to Warped Tour band members.

Where do I start?

Anyone can take part in This is My Story, quickly and easily. Simply visit our YouTube channel to view completed This is My Story videos. To submit your own story, simply print out our PDF and complete it. Scan the document and email to , or mail to:

This is My Story c/o

The Keep A Breast Foundation

811 Traction Ave, #2A

Los Angeles, CA 90013


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