KAB Grants

Since 2010, The Keep A Breast Foundation has administered an annual round of grants to organizations and individuals investigating breast cancer prevention, detection, and education. KAB is particularly interested in supporting investigations into lifestyle and environmental links to breast cancer, complementary care, and innovations in green chemistry. These are efforts that we feel will make the world a cleaner, healthier and ultimately cancer-free place.

Here at KAB, we are aware that the majority of new cases of breast cancer are not linked to genetics or family history. As a result, we seek to fund new understandings of the link between the disease and controllable environmental factors. Only such research will lead to the implementation of cancer-battling legislation, from pesticide bans to restrictions on known carcinogens in common beauty care products.

How does it support the KAB Mission?

KAB Grants increase our understanding of cancer prevention and care through lifestyle choices and early detection. KAB incorporates this new knowledge into our outreach and education to young people, supporting our goal of eradicating breast cancer for future generations. KAB Grants also solidify our relationships in scientific and research communities.

Can I participate?

Forward-thinking individuals or organizations seeking funding for an innovative breast cancer project are encouraged to apply for KAB Grants. In the words of KAB Co-Founder and Global CEO Shaney jo Darden, successful groups can demonstrate that they “are taking a stand to make the world better and healthier for future generations.”

KAB has been awarded The Humane Charity Seal of Approval. We are committed to advancing knowledge without the use of animals. We ask that only like-minded individuals and charities apply. Research undertaken at a cellular level must rely on human tissue or other techniques that do not require animal testing.

KAB grants are open, but not limited to, non-profit registered 501(c)(3) charity organizations, university groups, private entities and individuals dedicated to putting an end to breast cancer through positive impact. Click here for a full list of past grantees and projects.

Where do I start?

The KAB Grants application process and timeline may vary slightly from year to year. Please click here to apply for the current grants cycle.


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