i love boobies!

i love boobies! is KAB’s signature breast cancer outreach and awareness program. We want to remove the shame associated with breasts and breast health, and this message represents our positive approach to breast cancer dialogue. The program resonates with young people, and encourages them to be open and active about breast cancer prevention.

The program gives young people impacted by breast cancer the chance to express and connect with others. Wearing an i love boobies! bracelet or shirt proclaims, “I love my boobies, and I choose to take care of them!” It is a message about how important it is to appreciate, respect and love your breasts and yourself. Knowing you body and your breasts is the first step to prevention.

How does it support the KAB mission?

i love boobies! has successfully initiated a dialogue among young people about breast cancer. Is has proven to be a doorway to involvement in KAB’s other programs, and has brought the subject of early onset breast cancer to the national media. Revenues from i love boobies! cause merchandise has allowed KAB to broaden its reach and provide grant money supporting important studies.

Can I participate?

Anyone—female or male of any age—can use the i love boobies! message and spark up a conversation We are constantly developing new ways to spread the message among all types of people. Our iconic bracelets are only the beginning.

Where do I start?

All of our i love boobies! cause merchandise is available online. Please visit our shop here to browse what is currently available. Always wear the slogan with an open mind: Use it to start discussions, learn from others, and share ideas.

  • How Can A Young Woman Be Aware Of Any Changes ...

    There’s been an ongoing conversation happening in the breast cancer community for a while. A conversation about whether or not checking yourself helps detect a cancer diagnosis or is even necessary for your own health. In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force pretty much recommended "against teaching breast self-examination (BSE)." Crazy, right? Here at Keep A Breast, we strongly believe that knowing your body and your "normal" is essential to your health. It's crucial to understand and be aware when something is wrong, even as a teen or young adult.

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    Love them, loathe them, selfies are here to stay and we’re challenging you to put them to good use. This October, The Keep A Breast Foundation wants you to join us in taking the first step in becoming your own breast health advocate. Take the #checkyourselfie pledge & commit to a self-check every month.

  • Keep Abreast And Check Yourself With Breast Cancer Mobile App

    Keep A Breast teamed up with verynice studio and The Rare Studios to re-think the role of smart phones in breast cancer awareness and prevention. The FREE app provides a visual step-by-step overview of the breast self-exam and allows you to easily schedule an automatic monthly reminder with a pop-up text reminder.

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    Ken Block and DC Shoes have collaborated to create a special all-pink shoe to benefit Keep A Breast! Block will wear the shoes to all his remain races to spread breast cancer awareness in the racing community.

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    Keep A Breast Founder Shaney Jo Darden speaks out about the Supreme Court's recent decision to decline to hear Easton Area School District's appeal to ban "i love boobies!" bracelets in schools.

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    There’s a lot of breast cancer information out there. Like, a lot. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start on your search for information. And often the information that you find can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we’ve partnered with I HAD CANCER to create this super informative infographic that breaks it all down for you!


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