Join Our Awareness Team

Join The Awareness Team!

So, you love boobies, huh? Do you have a drawer full of I Love Boobies! bracelets? Have you volunteered at our Traveling Education Booth? If you still find yourself wondering, “How else can I help Keep A Breast eradicate breast cancer?” then you’re perfect for Keep A Breast’s new Awareness Team (A Team).

The A Team is a grassroots street team that uses social networks to spread the word about KAB’s mission, programs, and initiatives. Powered by word-of-mouth marketing technology Fancorps, the A Team turns awareness into action! Team members share KAB information with friends, family, and neighbors online, as well as at the coffee shop, in school, at work, and anywhere awareness is needed. The A Team relies on member participation to brainstorm new activities, create forums, and develop new ideas for the Team and Keep A Breast.

No A Team action goes unnoticed! A Team members earn Activity Points for every task, which improve their ranking within the community; and KAB Store Credits, which can be exchanged for event tickets, KAB t-shirts, “I Love Boobies!” bracelets, or even some super-secret, exclusive products from artists and friends of KAB. The A Team is about activism, conversation, and interaction. KAB acknowledges that young people want to play a part of a bigger and larger good, and we want to enable this activism. The A Team is the next step to fulfill our mission with a global network of dedicated supporters, volunteers, and activists who can gather in their local communities to inspire, educate, and make a difference. Join us now at!

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