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The Heart of Breast Cast Art

The story of the The Keep A Breast Casts™ is the story of KAB itself. Over a decade ago, KAB’s founders, then involved in their own arts organization, rallied to support a friend with breast cancer. They developed an idea to express the female experience of breast cancer by reimagining the traditional canvas as a participatory sculpture. After some experimentation and partnerships with the right people, they developed and tested a technique for capturing the female bust in a plaster. The result was a white cast that was then customized by artists. The success of these breast casts as conversation starters, awareness builders and fundraising tools ultimately led the creation of the non-profit The Keep A Breast Foundation.

Breast Cast Art Timeline


Art News

  • Tattoo Community Comes Together To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer ...

    The Keep A Breast Foundation announces an exclusive art show in conjunction with Rockstar Energy Drink and Sullen Art Collective to come together to celebrate the closing of The Inked Up World Tour and raise awareness for breast cancer prevention Keep A Breast and 12 of the best tattoo artists in the country have combined sculpture, philanthropy, and symbolic artistry creating one-of-a-kind plaster forms made from the female torso of 12 celebrity castees.