Bracelets Banned In your School?

So your school banned the bracelets? What can you do? Well, we can’t give you legal advice, and we can’t guarantee you won’t get in trouble for wearing one, but we can tell you what some amazing kids out there like you are doing.

Tell your school why you support Keep A Breast, and our mission. Be respectful.

Understand they might not be as aware of KAB as you are. It’s your time to educate the educators. Many schools have overturned bans on the bracelets after students and parents explained how KAB resonates with them.

Know other kids that feel the same way?

Ask them to write down their stories. Take all of the letters and present them to your principal or school board. Show them how young people impacted by breast cancer can use the bracelets to express their inner feelings, make connections with others, and learn coping strategies helpful to you and your friends. Educate them on how you are lowering your risk of cancer because of what you learned through KAB. Need help writing a sample letter? Check below!

Throw a Benefit Show!

Plant an organic garden, educate others on Breast cancer prevention! We have a great program that will allow anyone to play a role with KAB and throw his or her very own benefit show in support of the cause. Learn more about our DIY Action Program. Imagine if your whole school showed support for KAB, and provided an outlet that inspires people to better themselves and their communities.

Sample letter Send this to your school!

Fill in the blanks, or use it to help write your own letter.

Want More ways to get involved?